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Updated Summit Results & 2019 Schedules

CONGRATULATION  FOR  Mr. Pawel Prasula from Poland

Summit Detail: Pawel Prasula / MR (Poland)– 16 March 2016 at 12:40  (GMT +9)
This is 07th from Nine Summits for Mr. Pawel Prasula, success for coming Everest.

Expedition Leader:
Jeni Dainga / MR (Poxi), 59 Summits – 100% Record
Co Guide: Joshua Noya / MR (Josh) – 33 Expeditions, 16 Times Leading, 29 Summits

Thanks you for the warm welcome, and care, and great people, great organization. I am recommended AI for everyone. I think that whole team is as a family. And “everything is possible” in Indonesia with AI.

Pawel Prasula

CONGRATULATION FOR : Madam Marin Minamiya / MS (Japan )
Summit on 14 February 2016 at 13:23 (GMT +9)

Hi Ferdinand! 

I have finally settled into my normal life in Tokyo. Did my laundry, cleaned the house, saw my parents, and here I am writing to you. I miss bali very very much, and I miss you enthusiastic uplifting voice! I can't wait to go back to indonesia again, because of the great experience your company has provided me! 

I am so thankful to you and your team for making this trip an unforgettable one. Everything went even better than according to plan, the team was very flexible and customised perfectly for my needs. I think this is by far the BEST climbing company I have dealt with so far. Fast, precise, flexible, understanding, friendly.. nothing more I can ask for. I had such a great experience, I can not recommend any other company than Adventure Indonesia to my friends/climbers that are looking to travel/climb in Indonesia. So extremely happy to have contacted this company, I truly believe this operating service deserves 10/10 and even more. Especially Ferdinand's email quality is by top #1. (The only unfortunate happening was, that Yoshua got sick and couldn't make it to the summit with us. Although I am sure he is a great guide with great personality, it is a shame that I didn't get to see these qualities in action) I will never forget the time I spent on the mountain, and the great care I received even BEFORE and AFTER the climb. What a great company. I am a very happy client, and I would like EVERYONE in the world to know this! Please, Ferdinand.. you can post my very positive comments on your website.. even along with some photos from the mountain! Should you need more pictures, please let me know. I am more than happy to send you some pictures that are a part of my wonderful memory of a life time!

Thank you so much, 
Hope you appreciated me as a client, as much as I appreciated Adventure Indonesia as my operator! 

Marin Minamiya 


Anneli Sylvia Pompe / MS (Sweden)  -  Zachary Elias Halverson / MR (US)  -
Grazyna Dorota Machnik (Poland) – Adam Krzysztof Rucinski / MR (Poland)
James Edward Holliday / MR  (US) - Seven Summits Complete
Angelo Lobina / MR (Italia) – Bruce Randall Terry / MR (US)
Bouchra Baibanou / MS (Morocco) –– First Moroccan summit Carstensz Pyramid
Milton Bruce Anderson / MR (US) –Krzystof Zbigniew Sabisz / MR (Poland) –  
Wasfia Nazreen / MS (Bangladesh) –
Seven Summits Complete, First Bangladesh completing Seven Summits

Guiding by:
Expedition Leader: Jeni Dainga / MR (Poxi), 57 Summits – 100% Record
Co Guide: Joshua Noya / MR (Josh) – 31 Expeditions, 16 Times Leading, 28 Summits
Co Guide: Meydi Pesak / MR (Meds) – 14 Expeditions, 14 Summits
Co Guide: Mr. Abineno Mangentang (Abi) – 08 Expeditions, 08 Summits


I would like to say a big thank you to Adventure Indonesia, especially to the guides (Poxi, Yosh, Meds & Abi), Carol and Ferdinand.
Thank you for all your help. I’m so sorry for all the troubles with my ticket. The whole trip was very well organized and professional.
Adventure Indonesia went beyond their responsibilities. The best company I climb with so far .
It was my pleasure to climb Carstensz with you. It was a fantastic experience.
Grazyna Machnik (Poland)

Ferdinand:  I want to thank you for all the gifts.  Jim was kind enough to send them to us, once back in the US.  We certainly didn’t expect them and are very appreciative of the thought, uniqueness and quality of the various items.
Thank you again for the great adventure  and opportunity to work with your company and guides.  Outstanding folks and a wonderful company. 
If you need any testimonials, do not hesitate to have any US prospect give me a call for a quick overview of the trip and what to expect.  A great adventure. 
M. Bruce Anderson – Seattle (USA)

This was an incredible experience – The most and unique and exotic of my seven summit adventures. The entire experience was more difficult than I expected even though I trained very-very hard for the climb. The trek in was a quite interesting in that we passed through multiple zones including jungle, then forest and finally mostly barren rock environment at base camp.

The guide (Poxi, Josh, Meds, Abi, and Lucky) were outstanding and took very good care of us. The meals that were prepared for us were nutritious, plentiful, and very tasty. They provided things for our meals that I haven’t even had at home (for example squid, escargot). The group gear provided was very good and provided excellent camping accommodations.

Being among the native tribe people was truly unique experience that I will never ever forget-especially watching the negotiations with local tribe leaders as we passed through their lands – It was a unique experience and a privilege to experience.

Summit day was incredibly satisfying – and the guides provides expert help in assuring that we all made it safely to the summit, but more importantly down safely.

The help provided by Mr. Ferdinand and Miss Carol was very much appreciated and instrumental to our success as they helped deal with problems getting to Bali prior to the start of the expedition.

All in all I would give my highest recommendation to Adventure Indonesia and their Carstensz Pyramid trek-in / trek-out expedition. This is the ONLY way to experience Carstensz Pyramid and Adventure Indonesia is the way to go!

23 November 2015
James Edward Holliday (USA), Real Seven Summits complete


Wow, Thank you for an incredible journey. I had such an amazing time. I have dreamed of going to Papua for a long time and this trek did not disappoint.

Adventure Indonesia has an amazing thing going. It’s hard for me to pick a favorite day or part… I loved the jungle (second day!) the thick moss covering everything was special. Also the mud!

Nothing be better than getting muddy and bloody. It is also great that we were able to associate with the porters. It made the trip seem much more real.

Thanks for negotiating the deal for the around and necklace. It’s great that we were able to spend a night it Sugapa and Timika. Awesome. I will be back.

Climb on brothers.
Cheers and thanks again!

Zachary Elias Halverson (USA)


For me Carstensz Expedition was very rich experience. That change the person. I am so happy about expedition, team, guide, to climb, to trek, friends, fantastic.

23 November 2015
Angelo Lobina (Italia)


Thanks a lot to the team, you are just wonderful and a very good helps for all the group, we paned a very good expedition, we were so happy to share a beautiful time with you, the food was wonderful. The arrangement was so nice. Everything was perfect. Thank you again. I will recommend Adventure Indonesia to my friends who want to do Carstensz Pyramid.

23 November 2015
Bouchra Baibanou / Ms (Morocco), First Moroccan summit Carstensz Pyramid


This trip/expedition has been one of the best of my life. It was a great adventure from beginning to end, with great people. It’s usually the most important factor; the people! The guides have been amazing all the way, and I admire their patience with clients, the local people, and nature. I realize the Carstensz Expedition requires a lot of patience and flexibility because of unexpected events. Considering the conditions I think everything worked very well. I like that we were expected to take care of ourselves and not be “baby sited”, like in American leadership expeditions. I also think it’s fantastic that we got new and single tents, and that there was great variation and different types of food, even though the vegetarian tofu was finished after two days. My only advice for future expeditions would be importance of proper gear. And that you take responsibility as a client to support yourself. Maybe an improved equipment list. But in total, I loved this expedition and the guides so much I’d do it again. And I would recommend others to travel with Adventure Indonesia.

23 November 2015
Anneli Sylvia Pompe / Ms (Sweden)


Thank you Adventure Indonesia for making my trip to Papua, which I’ve been planning for last three years, such an amazing experience. I will be recommending Adventure Indonesia to all my contacts. And look forward to seeing you all in Nepal side soon.

23 November 2015
Climb on!
Wasfia Nazreen / Ms (Bangladesh), First Bangladesh completing Seven Summits


I was extremely happy with everything provide by Adventure Indonesia during my climb of Carstensz Pyramid. The Office was very good during preparation. The guides were excellent as well.The food was terrific!

I was nervous about this expedition, but Adventure Indonesia made me feel safe at all times. This was my 5th summit and the most epic journey of all.

I was extremely happy with Adventure Indonesia. Thank you for getting me to the summit!

Bruce Terry / Philadelphia USA

August 31st 2015 Helicopter Expedition 100% Success!
01 US Mountain Guide + 04 Climbers (03 US & 01 German), 01 UK Climber & 01 Indonesian Climber guiding by 03 Adventure Indonesia Guides successfully summit.


Clients Summit Detail on 03 Summit Bid:

Mila Marlina Basuki / MS (Indonesia)
Todd R Passey (US) – Ralf Laier / MR (Germany) – James Luis Doti / MR (US) –
Adam Doti / MR (US)– Scott Chapman / MR (US) –
Eamon Christopher McKinley Fullen / Ginge Fullen (UK)

Guiding by:
Expedition Leader: Jeni Dainga / MR (Poxi), 56 Summits – 100% Record
Co Guide: Joshua Noya / MR (Josh) – 30 Expeditions, 16 Times Leading, 27 Summits
Co Guide: Meydi Pesak / MR (Meds) – 13 Expeditions, 13 Summits


August 05th 2015 Expedition 100% Success, Summit Detail :

Charles John Spinney Hobhouse / MR (UK) – Kevin Derek Gaskell / MR (UK)
David William Hamilton / MR (UK) ** Mountain Guide / Team Leader
Matthew James Gaskell / MR (UK) – Kevin Derek Gaskell / MR (UK)

Clients Testimony:
MR. Charles Hobhouse : A long walk with a lot of help from strong local people and kind guides who were all very fit. A good experience. Thank you.

MR. Kevin Gaskell & Mr. Matthew Gaskell : A super experience – fun, challenge and a great support team. Thank you very much Adventure Indonesia.

Congratulation 22 July 2015 Carstensz Pyramid Summitters :

Gulnur Tumbat / MS (US) - Beak Lae Cho / MR (South Korea) -
Guillaume Richard Fuchs / MR (France) - Jana Smutny / MS (Swiss) -
Malcolm John Alexander / MR (US) -
Stephen Leonard Camkin / MR (Australia) - (Seven Summits Complete)

Testimony dan Comment client July 14th 2015 Carstensz Pyramid Expedition

Gulnur Tumbat (Turkey)
Fantastic organization that exceeded my expectations – guides, porters, office staff: It was an honor to meet them all. Gained a lot from the whole experience, especially from the people, wonderful people of Papua & Indonesia. Anyone who goes/ comes here with a western guide/ company: You are fools!   - Gulnur Tumbat – First Turkey Summiting Carstensz Pyramid.

P.S: Rubbish is a problem & will become a bigger problem soon if not dealt with.

Jana Smutny (Swiss) & Guillaume Richard Fuchs (France)
During the whole trip and ascent I felt safe. The guides were careful and the decisions taken were well thought. The porters did a great job. Not all our bags were lightweight, so it was a hard work, but they delivered the bags safety. Thanks for all the information provided in advance this was helpful.
I agree on the suggestion, that the guides should also try that all rubbish is either burned or taken back. Thanks again and best wishes to the whole team!

Malcolm Alexander (US)
I can suggest a few things
1. The porters should pick up and manage the rubbish better you should make an effort to make the trip more “Eco” and have a “No trace left behind” principal
2. Some ropes need repair or removal
Other than that really a fabulous trip I can thoroughly recommend to friends.

Stephen Leonard Camkin (Australia) - Seven Summits Complete
The carstenz trip was very well organized and exceeded my expectation
- From the initial contact and communications with Adventure Indonesia, I was well prepared.
- The staff met me and arranged all details on my travels.
- The guides were very efficient and briefed us each day and made sure we worked as a team.
- The guides worked with our porters and made sure the expedition kept on time and on focus to make the summit.
- The pace of progress was well managed and helped the group achieve their goals.
- The food and equipment was well thought out and supported the goals well.

 Best pictures of 7summits-club.com CP expedition
It was made in the hard weather conditions: every day’s rain, upstairs - snow, fog.
(Photo's courtesy of 7summitsclub.com)


ADVENTURE INDONESIA standardized (premium) expedition provides best services ever you can find in Carstensz Pyramid or Puncak Jaya. It is not only about comfort but SAFETY and SECURE expedition with best summit chance.

It is so many complexity and questions regarding COST vs QUALITY and SUCCESS RATE. Check carefully everything before you decide to join with local company that claims can operate Carstensz Expedition. During the expedition, you will be in the tough jungle about 16 days, you must be assured get proper and enough food along the trek.

Adventure Indonesia has invested much money to open Sugapa route for the first time. Sadly, when other local outfitter did expedition using this route, they LEFT DEBT to local people. After the expedition, the porters fee and cost at sugapa were NOT PAID. Without quilty at all, WITHOUT any effort to solve it.

And it's not fair, Adventure Indonesia was forced by the local people to pay A LOT OF MONEY for the DEBT the other local outfitter made.


  • Operate directly (No Other Parties) by us, the best operator (Legal Company) that already serve Carstensz Pyramid since 1998. Active until now, with best performance ever.
  • Legal status, complete license, have office and branch office, very clear in RESPONSIBLE. This is guarantee when you have problem, there is a place that you can find us.
  • Best services with great skills & dedication, with this effort we assist Mr. Erik Weihenmayer summit Carstensz.
  • ADVENTURE INDONESIA is company that work and operate in TEAM not individual. You are supporting by all staff, Guide, Climbing Leader, Cook, License Administrator, reservation staff for flight & Hotel, expedition manager, porter, driver that collaborate & working togehter with one goal : SUMMIT YOU SAFE & SECURE IN SUCCESS EXPEDITION.
  • Our great experience and dedication give you best success rate and summit chance, we have proven able to serve trekking safe and secure. We employ and empowerment local people, we are living and developing together with local people - This is absolute character of ADVENTURE INDONESIA. This is guarantee for your success and local people support.
  • As the first operator that become leader of Carstensz Pyramid climbing, we have EXCELLENCE NETWORK in Papua. This is support with our legal status in Papua, we operate all kind of Trip in Papua not limited for CP only.
  • Specialist in Wildlife and Adventure.


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Zbigniew Nowacki (Poland)

Adventure Indonesia to profesjonaliści. Mają duże doświadczenie i potrafią zadbać o detale wyprawy na Carstensz Pyramid. Ich wiedza na temat Gór Sudirman, ekwipunku, niełatwej drogi przez dżunglę, oraz ludzi zamieszkujących te tereny jest duża, co daje poczucie bezpiecznego przebiegu ekspedycji. Czasem można odnieść wrażenie że to im najbardziej zależy na zdobyciu tego szczytu. Potrafią rozmawiać, a ważne decyzje podejmowane są wspólnie z uczestnikami wyprawy. Poza tym to zgrany i sympatyczny zespół ludzi któremu można zaufać. Wyprawa w której uczestniczyłem została zorganizowana bardzo dobrze!!!

climbing puncak jaya, piramide carstensz