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bali divingTulamben:
Located at the base of the spectacular volcano Mt. Agung. Scuba dive the magnificent USAT Liberty, an American transport ship situated only 25 meters off shore and it's 115 meters lay in 7 to 30 meters. Truly awesome for it's wealth of life and variety. Scuba dive the Coral Garden and the sheer Tulamben Wall also, a spectacular drop-off with a proliferation of hard and soft corals reef fishes, invertebrates and other pelagic. Wonderful night and early morning scuba diving to be enjoyed. Depth 5-40m+. Great snorkeling amed.

Beautiful hard and soft corals. Scuba dive the beautiful "Japanese Coral Garden" a magnificent dive consisting of picturesque bommies covered in all types of hard, soft, whip, and gorgonian fan corals and a plethora of reef fishes. Located near Tulamben in north-eastern Bali, you'll find a variety of species of marine life that attracts the finest of marine and photographic scuba diver experts world wide. A small bay, we scuba dive from local outrigger boats (the beauty of this old world will not remain forever) on the two coral headlands, just the view of Mt. Agung sloping to the coast when you surface makes this dive experience a must. Depth 5-40m+. Great Snorkeling.

Gili Biaha:
A small island just off the coast of Bali accessed by our specially designed outrigger scuba dive boat with sundeck and facilities. Here we scuba dive the shark cave and vertical wall on the inside of the crescent shaped isle followed by a magnificent drift scuba dive around the outer side of the island. In between scuba dives we enjoy a beach BBQ on a beautiful white sandy beach adjacent to Gili Biaha. Walk, talk or stroll with the local fishermen or just relax on the beach or snorkel a while in the cool fresh waters. Scuba dives are characterized by large pelagic, turtles and white tip reef sharks. Fantastic visibility and a wide variety of hard & soft corals and reef fishes.

Gili Mimpang:
Shark dive. Here we descend at the base of Gili Mimpang and swim with the reef sharks - dozens of them. White tips, Black tips and occasionally Grey Whalers. The outer wall of the "3 rocks" and enter into a world of swirling pelagic and schooling reef fish as well as more sharks.

Menjangan Island:
A picturesque island located north in the West Bali National Park, we scuba dive from local outrigger boats. Drift scuba diving the spectacular drop-offs as well as crevices. See Turtles, Manta & Eagle Rays, cruising past the Gorgonia fan corals hanging from the walls. You can scuba dive the remains of an old sailing ship and her cargo sitting in 40 meters of crystal clear water. Scuba dive the channel mouth and drift with the sharks, Barracuda, and Dog tooth tuna as they prowl the food chain. Dive the famous eel garden and explore the grottoes. The choice is yours. Even the occasional dolphin pod and Manta ray cruises in for a visit. We have seen whale sharks here. Depth 5-40m+. Fantastic and the best snorkeling in Bali.




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