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As you might have notice that the Raja Ampat island group spreads out over a huge area and consists of over 610 islands, there are two resort for accommodation on the Raja ampat Islands:
Kri Eco Resort and Sorido Bay Resort.


This is the longest established resort consists of traditional buildings over the water, along a jetty and offers traditional Papuan accommodation with excellent food and a relaxed, friendly atmosphere.

Sitting on the edge of mountainous Kri Island the dive resort is shaded by palm trees that run along a long fine white sand beach. Wild birds awaken our guests each morning at sunrise so they will be on time for breakfast and the morning dive. We see Eclectis Parrots, Lorikeets, Kingfishers, Frigate Birds and others during the day.
An extra long jetty built over the large shallow lagoon in front of the eco-resort also leads to five of the guest houses. As a bonus, since accommodations are over the water, we often see sharks, rays and schools of fish in our "garden".

Kri Eco Resort currently has 6 over-water guest bungalows. Most of the buildings contain two rooms and at least one sitting area. Rooms are divided by partitions with doors and window coverings that can be closed for privacy. Each room has a mattress, pillow and mosquito net for bedding. Furnishings are hand-made benches or lounge chairs and tables where guests can relax, work on camera gear, talk and read.

One small over-water bungalow, located just a bit down the beach for a bit more privacy, contains only one room. Two Western-style flush toilets, are located on the island near the end of the jetty and are shared by all the guests.

The compressor, storage, toilets, baths and staff quarters are located on the island. Our dining and kitchen house is alongside the beach over the water! You can almost cool your toes while having dinner at high tide.

Inland from the beach are two Indonesian style baths, walled for privacy, one open to a view of sky and palm fronds, the other with a roof so you won't get wet while bathing!
The well, also located behind the resort's buildings contains a more than adequate supply of rain water for our needs. It provides guests and staff with bathing, toilet, camera rinse and cooking water. Water on Kri was hauled from the well by bucket and carried by hand, but now Kri has a pump and running water to the kitchen, western style toilets and for filling the bath containers. Drinking water is obtained from a neighboring island.

Meals are served in the large over-water kitchen/dining house on long tables sheltered by a palm frond roof. In the kitchen, coffee, tea and flavored drinks are always available for our guests.

The kitchen is always busy with our staff cooking over the gas burners in large woks or stew pots and an oven where Yolanda bakes fresh bread and occasionally pizza! There are no electrical appliances, everything is made my hand. In back of the kitchen, the staff slice fresh vegetables and fruits in the open air under the shade of the trees. Each meal is prepared fresh. Ice boxes, supplied weekly from Sorong, contain fresh meats and can chill a beer when required.

The new "Sorido Bay Resort" offers western comforts in traditional Papuan setting. It is a combination of modern and traditional building methods to create a balanced and comfortable resort. This resort is built for the more demanding diver and specially the UW photographer.

The resort has all comforts but is completely integrated in nature and has one of the worlds richest dive sites as its house reef. The boats used for dining are silent (Honda 4 stroke engines) and all diving is tailor made and personalized.

* There is no dive activities arranged on Saturday. This day is a day of rest. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are provided, however offer no diving. Guest are invited to go hiking, kayaking, birding, snorkeling, play badminton a.o. This day to relax is generally well appreciated, we just state it here so things are clear.
* Each Sunday, transfers by boat take place from the airport/coastal city of Sorong (Papua) to the dive resorts, located on Kri Island. The trip takes about one and a half hours and covers 75 km. These transfers are free of charge. If you do plan to arrive in Sorong on a Saturday, we are more than happy to arrange accommodation for you in Sorong.

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